EV9295-05 Pentair Everpure PRO Reverse Osmosis System # EV929505

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The Pentair Everpure PRO Reverse Osmosis system provides up to 5.7 gallons per day of the highest quality water with the Pentair / Everpure name you can trust for the best quality and excellence.

The small carbon footprint of the # EV929505 Pentair Everpure PRO Reverse Osmosis System's compact design makes it truly ideal to fit under most tight kitchen sinks, and allows for an easy set up and maintenance as compared to other RO Systems on the market today.

The Everpure PRO R/O system # EV-929505 is packaged with everything you need so installation is completed with ease

Applications Used for the Pentair Everpure PRO EV 929505:

- Home Kitchens
- Ice Machines
- Water Chillers and Heaters
- Standing POU Coolers
- Independent Drink Systems
- Perfect For Homes on a Well
- Perfect for Homes with a Water Softener

The Pentair Everpure # EV9295-05 PRO RO System Product Features & Benefits:

- 3-stage filtration process
- Pre filter, Membrane, and Post-Mix Finishing Cartridge
- Compact system easily fits under kitchen sinks
- Unit Comes as a complete system, designed for simple easy installation
- Electronic monitor notifies cartridge replacement
- Up to 5.7 gallons of top quality water per day
- Producing only as much water as you need to use

The Penatair Everpure PRO R/O system # EV-929505 Contaminant Reduction:

- Arsenic
- TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
- Sodium Chloride
- Chlorine and Chloramines
- Flouride
- Bad Taste & Odor
- Lead
- Nitrates & Nitrites
- Copper
- Hexavalent & Trivalent Chromium
- Barium
- Radium
- Selenium
- NSF/ANSI Rated Standard 58 certified to reduce cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia by mechanical means and more

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