Company Policies



***PLEASE KNOW... IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL, **Please call us anytime, and or, please, or at least, email us first with any questions you may have before ( YOU ) make ANY purchase decision.

We want to earn your business properly, and we are 100% an "Authorized Representative and Authorized Dealer" for ALL OF our listed products as shown and as listed individually.

With your purchase of "ANY and ALL PRODUCTS" on / off our site by ( YOU ) the purchaser/user/buyer, 100% Agree to hold all the Sellers and Manufacturers we represent, including our own company, to be "100% Harmless and Not Responsible" of and for and all liabilities and damages indemnify, and agree to defend.

The purchaser/user/buyer ( YOU ) assume all responsibility for the use, and or uses of any product sold on or our site, and or through our site over the phone, in regards to any purchase by and or by all of our affiliated companies, and for any of the products they offer.

It is the complete and sole responsibility of ( YOU ) to find the correct water treatment system, piece of equipment, correct product, and or correct filters etc..., for your needs, and your own desired result and use.

Yes,.... If need be, we can and will offer some solutions to your home and or business common water conditions and problems, we will try to help you 100% to the best of our ability. We WILL NOT make the actual purchase decision for you in regards to any of your equipment needs and or desires, and or for any purchase decision you do decide to make, even with our over 25+ years of Experience and Knowledge.

We WILL NOT EVER be held responsible for your Purchase Decision in any way, shape, or form, even if it was possibly based in part on our personal recommendation.

**PLEASE NOTE: We do not share any liability or responsibility with / for any manufacturers product, for failures and or damages that can be caused by inept water products, or any inept work performed in regards to any installation, and or by the possibility of damage or failure by an incorrect installation, and or, by the usage of any such products that may result in a less than desired outcome by ( YOU ) the purchaser.

As a Buyer and or Customer of ( YOU ) with your order placed, completely agree to hold us, and or our affiliates completely harmless and not responsible for any and all damages you may possibly incur what so ever, caused by anything whatsoever, even by an act of G-D, albeit improper system construction, or by manufacturer error, design defect, installation complications, proper and or improper operation, proper and or improper use.

All Equipment Purchases are recommended to be installed with the Proper Equipment as recommended, and by Completely Licensed Professionals in order to control, and or reduce incoming water pressure and use. is entirely "Not Responsible" for your purchase, and or purchase decision, nor are we financially liable for any water damage, property damage, or personal injury, be it direct, or indirect, and for any issue that may occur from even normal and correct use of the products we sell through our site, and or here through our local facility, we will not be held responsible for possible catastrophic failure of the products we sell, and any failure to properly connect the units to the water supply lines, and or failure to understand and observe the proper water pressure ratings and requirements for these units is not our responsibility. ***If you purchase any equipment, you do so in complete agreement and knowledge of ALL these terms listed above, and below. has "Zero Liability" toward any work, and or plumbers fees, and or any extraneous bills, for any or all plumbing work and connecting of any of the water filtration and or water related equipment we stock and or sell, the responsibility to find a competent and fair plumber and or handyman service is all yours, and yours alone.

Most all products are intended for a professional installation and or completion. We can help you walk through most installations if you wish to do it yourself, but please do not attempt to do work you are not comfortable in doing.

We already offer low enough prices, with discounted and insured shipping costs, that you should be more than happy in hiring a competent professional to do the required task you need to have completed. **This is especially important when connecting any equipment to a high pressure water line. Please....always check all connections, and check for minor for leaks periodically.


Most orders ( **but NOT ALL orders ) purchaced off our web site SUPERWATER.COM are Shipped Free, and in most cases, Directly from our Offices located in Sunny Boca Raton, Florida.

Jacques Lobato - President
Superior Water Systems Co,. Inc.
20119 N. Key Drive,
Boca Raton, Florida 33498

**As a Special to our Clients, ***We currently offer some of the very Lowest prices Online and 100% Free FedEx, UPS, and USPS Priority Mail Shipping on again, "MOST" & "NOT ALL" Water Filter Orders and Equipment on our Site, and those costs and or fees are listed as given as indicated in the Product Listings themselves for the Products shown, to anywhere in the Lower Continental 48 US States, and where we are able, and where we do offer 100% Free Shipping, as indicated, yes....we will ship your order FREE.

**PLEASE NOTE: The FREE GROUND SHIPPING OPTION is given as a Special where applicable to all of our Continental 48 State USA Customers, and is GIVEN ONLY for those Products Listed as Shown in the Description for the item Purchased.

Please be aware, The Free Shipping Option **DOES NOT APPLY TO EVERY COMPANY PRODUCT AND LISTING WE HAVE, in most cases, we offer "Classification Fees" ( **that are Added Post Sale ) that are based on a Standard Shipping Fee per Order, and or Per Item, as Described.

**Please Check the Listing / Description of your Product Purchase before ordering, and or please, CALL US FIRST PLEASE, to see if Post Sale Fees Apply and where FREE SHIPPING is given an Option as Listed and or Given. If possible, please call us before you place your order to ask for Free Shipping. YES...., ***WE WILL WORK WITH ANY CLIENT TO GIVE THEM THE LOWEST POSSIBLE SHIPPING COSTS AVAILABLE.

***IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: As of **January 2021, FedEx, UPS and The USPS, ALL have Changed and Adapted "New Security Features" and "Raised Costs for All Larger Metal, and Electronic Shipments". **We must also Require "Signature Delivery" for all orders that now require higher Shipping Fees, and where Possible Damage can happen in the Shipping Process and, this applies for all Electronic Equipment. We do this in order to insure "Your Safety and Security" and also, for a "Proper Reception of ( YOUR ) Order w/ NO FRAUD and NO DAMAGES incured".

***Due to these changes in "Product Shipping and Insurance Coverage is now required" for **All System Shipments, Including, but "Not Limited To ALL Water Systems, Pressure Coolers, Freight and ALL Over-sized Shipments".

***These "POST SALE SHIPPING FEES" are applied as expressed and are Added Post Sale (**We do this to save our clients the most amount of $$$ possible and protect their purchase), These Discounted Fees are Based on Weight, Size and Destination Costs, and **WILL BE ADDED AS IT IS INDICATED ON THE ACTUAL PRODUCT PAGES INSIDE THE DESCRIPTIONS FOR THE PRODUCT LISTING AS GIVEN, and are added for ALL Systems and Larger Purchase Equipment Shipments that are NOT Shipped for Free.

PLEASE NOTE: "Post Sale Fees" will be "Added on your Invoice Post Sale" as you will receive a Final Total Invoice via and Updated Email once we clear your order fro Shipping.

**These New General Classification Codes and General Costs for Shipping and Insurance are as Follows:

  • Class A Shipment = +$23.95 Post Sale Fee Added
  • Class B Shipment = +$32.95 Post Sale Fee Added
  • Class C Shipment = +$42.95 Post Sale Fee Added
  • Class D Shipment = +$52.95 Post Sale Fee Added
  • Class E Shipment = +$68.95 Post Sale Fee Added
  • Class F Shipment = +$85.00 Post Sale Fee Added
  • Class G Shipment = +$125.00 Post Sale Fee Added
  • Class H Shipment = +$175.00 Post Sale Fee Added
  • Class J Shipment = +$225.00 Post Sale Fee Added
  • Class K Shipment = +$275.00 Post Sale Fee Added
  • Class L Shipment = +$350.00 Post Sale Fee Added
  • Class M Shipment = +$425.00 Post Sale Fee Added

***PLEASE, ***IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL, IN ANY OF THE ABOVE REGARDS TO ANY ADDED SHIPPING COSTS OR CLASSIFICATION CODES, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST, in this, and or for any questions you may have in Regards to Shipping or our Shipping Methods. (**Again, We will do our best to work with you as well in regards to all shipping fees, and will even ship on your own account if you request it, and if it is possible,....... please let us know first.

***VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ( # 2 ): *** Due to the dynamic nature of the ever changing marketplace, we are 100% "NOT RESPONSIBLE" for how Advertising Companies like GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING, MSN, and or ANY OTHER Search Company may show our many thousands of ads, and or listings on the internet, and please be aware, we have "NO CONTROL OVER THESE MASSIVE CORPORATIONS FOR THEIR PRODUCT SUBMISSION AND PERTAINING TO OUR OR LISTING FEED".

At times, you may actually see a lower price, and or even "Free Shipping" on Products and Listings that are NOT shipped for Free.

***PLEASE NOTE: We have changed our settings and policy as required and as needed for the products and companies we represent, but we CAN NOT control internet or the web content shown, and or how our products are displayed, and or as shown by the massive number of Search Engines and companies involved in out Listings

***PLEASE NOTE: In Regards to "PARTIAL SHIPMENTS" as it is, our prices are already so low to you the customer, we can not afford to offer you Free Shipping twice.... If you do Authorize us to send you a Partial Shipment, we will need to cover the additional costs and the second half of your order, regardless of the item(s).

As is our current policy, we must, and we will ask your permission to split up shipments if necessary (**based on your OK ), and we will ask for coverage of the additional fees to be paid in full, as ***WE CAN NOT AFFORD TO GIVE FREE SHIPPING TWICE, and where indicated, you will be Charged for 2nd Shipments as agreed to.

Hence, we will ask you via Email, and or by Phone, "Do you want a Partial Shipment?, and or, Do we have permission to cover that cost?"....if not, we ask you kindly wait for your order to ship in Full, Complete, and as Ordered and for Free Shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: All Discount Coupons may be applied to "Any Order" as applicable and MUST be entered at the time of checkout please. ***No Exceptions Please.

PLEASE NOTE: ***ALL Oasis, Global Water, Sunrock, Tri Palm, Bluline and **Alpine Products ( **All Alpine UV Systems Have a Much Higher Class Shipping Cost, and will Ship Via Freight Insured) All Water Coolers and Electronic Using Equipment carry a Minimum $125 Fee, Added Per Unit Order, and or, Per Item, Costs can be doubled if we are shipping to Residential Addresses, over a Confirmed Business Address. You may be help responsible for these added shipping costs

**PLEASE NOTE: ON FREIGHT SHIPMENTS: Multiple Unit Orders that are shipped at Freight will be Billed at the Discounted Freight Shipping Cost as indicated, and these will apply as Discounted Shipping Costs (***WE WILL SHIP ALL LIFT GATE FREIGHT AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE COST, and WE WILL NOTIFY YOU FIRST).

These Freight Shipping and Insurance Fees are required for 100% Warranty Coverage, Freight Shipping and All Insurance Charges, and all Water Cooler Orders and Water Cooler Equipment orders are Shipped Direct from their Perspective Corporations, and Ship complete to your Home or Business. Water Cooler Orders do not ship Via Ground Shipping, Unless Otherwise Indicated.

PLEASE NOTE: **ALL WATER COOLER ORDERS the "Freight Shipping and Insurance Fees" are ALL Added Post Sale (**NO EXCEPTIONS), and they will NOT be accounted for, or show up on your original order invoice, but will be updated accordingly (**Post Sale Fees). If you need to know the costs, please check the Individual Listing for your Product Shipping Fess and or Classification Costs. Please.....Call us immediately with any questions you may have in regards to any and all shipping costs.

PLEASE NOTE: ***All Water Filter Type Orders shipped outside of the Continental 48 States will be "charged accordingly" with a MINIMUM $49.95 Fee, as we do not cover any additional shipping costs in orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and, all APO and AP addresses will pay higher additional shipping fees as needed and required.
ALL Orders to Canada, Mexico, and ANY and all orders shipped outside of the USA may incur additional costs, for all customs, taxes, duties and fees as required. We will ship your order, with your knowledge, at the lowest possible cost.

***For ALL Orders to Canada, Mexico, and ANY and all orders shipped outside of the USA, PLEASE be prepared to pay additional customs, taxes, duties, and fees, as we are not responsible for paying any and or all additional extraneous fees in regards to your order and it's final destination.

NOTE: Again,....We will clear any and all Additional Shipping Costs with you first, and ask for your approval for any and all additional shipping costs and fees associated with your order before we ship you anything not covered by our Free Shipping Policy.

Upgraded, Overnight, and Expedited Shipping will cost extra is only offered as requested and if possible, and when and where it is applicable.

If you need your order expedited or shipped on another type of shipping account, or with any upgraded means, please, call and or email us immediately.


***All Returns MUST HAVE either a prior verbal and or written notification before they are shipped back to us.

***Any and All items MUST BE RETURNED AS NEW, and, no less than (30 Days) from your original date of purchase. Orders over 30+ days are subject to possible additional return costs and fees.

***All Returned Items will be subject to a Minimum 30% restocking fee of the purchaced price & this includes all orders, and, all special order items will be subject to an additional 10% Restocking Fee, in addition, we will also recover ALL extended pre and or post sale shipping costs involved in regards to your return, as well, this fee applies regardless, even if the item has been unused, and or unopened.

PLEASE NOTE: **If your order has been Used and or is Damaged while in your posession, we will refuse to credit back for any orders in this regard and you will be held responsible for any shipment not returned in new condition. **We can and will work with you in regards to all Warranties as we are an Authorized Dealer for ALL of the Products we Sell.

PLEASE NOTE: **If the value of your item is listed for sale under $75.00, in most all cases there will not be a refund for your order, as the shipping costs and percentage of fees involved in regards to your order offset all shipping costs involved and all restocking fees.

If you need to know if your order is a special order item, and or you are not clear about our policy, please contact us first via email with any questions you may have.


We completely understand that cancellations are done for a variety of reasons, all order cancellations through our website must be completed via phone, and via internet WITHIN 24-48 hours of placing your order, hence, there will be NO CHARGE for your Cancellation and Return Credit, if your order is cancelled with in "24-48 Hours" of the time of your original order, and or the time we process you order, and, you will not be charged any fees, or be held responsible for any costs whatsoever.

PLEASE NOTE: **ON ALL ORDERS: Once we have actually processed your order through the Banking System, and for any Cancellation over 24-48 Hours, **WE WILL Impose and Cover a 10% Cancellation Fee on your Total Order (**Less the Shipping Costs). We will also impose Additional Costs in the case your order has already shipped. **If you have already "Received Your Order", we will send you a Pre-Paid Label for your Return, and you WILL be Held Responsible to COVER for ALL SHIPPING COSTS INVOLVED.

Lastly, as we do not recover ANY Shipping Costs and we DO NOT credit you back any Shipping Costs, even for Cancelled and or Re-Called Orders, and we DO NOT credit back these costs under any circumstances.
***Please, If you have any questions or concerns about shipping, please call us first before placing any order.

Due to the extraneous costs for Processing Orders and the expenses of Various Banking Fees we must cover these extraneous costs and processing fees associated with the processing and then re-crediting orders, you will be held 100% responsible for your original order with us, and then subsequent cancellation, and a 10% Fee in regards to any credit issued and returned on your card, regardless of the situation, and for any cancellation that we are not privy to that is not cancelled with in a 24-48 hour time period.

PRICE MATCH POLICY: tries very hard to have the lowest prices in accordance with our Discounted / and or Free Shipping on most orders, and, discounted shipping for other orders. We will do our best to earn your business properly.

Given the dynamic nature of the marketplace, it is near impossible to stay on top of the current lowest prices. **As a practice, we DO NOT price match. If you happen to find any items at a lower, or lower delivered price, please give us a call toll free at 1-866-928-3728, and at least give us a chance to earn your business properly.

We WILL 100% try our best to match it, or beat it if possible. No, we do not guarantee that we can meet or beat every price listed, but we appreciate the opportunity to try and earn your business properly, and we shall do our best to get you our lowest price.

COUPONS offers coupons and discounts from time to time. Visit our coupon code page to find all coupons and coupon policies.


We Offer Ultra Fast Shipping - YES. Most In-Stock Orders Usually Ship within 24-48 hrs. Toll Free Customer Support - No Voicemail During Business Hours! All Shipments Fully Insured! Our Knowledge Driven and Professional Sales Staff, offers over 35+ years experience. We a, Master Distributor, Authorized Agent, and Direct Dealer for most ALL our Listed Products. If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-WATER2U, or, contact us via Email at