Pentair Everpure 3000 Gallon 4C Filter System w/ Chrome Faucet Kit & "FREE" Second 4C Filter


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Adding to cart… The item has been added offers 100% Free FedEx and UPS Ground Shipping On This Special Pentair Everpure 4C Filtration System Order ( WITH ADDITIONAL 4C CARTRIDGE INCLUDED ). WE ARE AN AUTHORIZED PENTAIR EVERPURE FOODSERVICE DEALER WITH OVER 25+ YEARS EXPERIENCE. Questions Please Call Us.

***NOW SHIPPED COMPLETE WITH A "SECOND FREE" ( 3000 Gallon ) Pentair Everpure 4C Filter.

***( An additional $100.00 Value, w/ 100% Free Ground Shipping added to this awsome special ) **This Everpure 4C already comes complete with a Foodservice Quality Everpure Water Filtration System.

The Everpure 4C Cartridge (3000 Gallon Capacity), A QL3 Cap Head, Additional Fittings, Extra Tubing & A Quick Connect Kit.

**Please Note: This special has everything needed for a quick and easy professional under countertop installation. THIS SYSTEM SETUP IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE WITH STRAIGHT WELL WATER.

The Touch Flo Style Lead Free Faucets are designed for use with any kind of under sink filter system. They are machined from solid brass bar, hand polished and chrome plated. A corrosion resistant Sani Tip is added to the spout to prevent chrome damage. The input is 1/4" compression with adapters for 3/8" and 1/2" available. A 7/16" diameter hole is required for installation.

**The same type of Everpure filtration equipment sold and installed locally typically sells for over $450.00. With this incredible introduction Superwater Special, you can save well over $230.00 and get everything you need for superior quality drinking water in your home for only 249.95!!!

Each Pentair 4C Everpure Filter will filter below bacteria and will remove lead down to .05 microns, which is 10 times better than any Bottled Water. Each 4C Everpure should last for a year to a year and half, and this depends on your local municipality water quality, family useage, and other environmental factor.

This Everpure system easily replace and old and outdated generic undersink filtration system already in place, and will come complete with everything you need to remove you old system easily.

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